Through Hole Slip Ring

The through-hole slip ring is the general name of the central slip ring with a hole. They mainly use various current power transmissions, all kinds of precision signals, and power signal mix. We are using the gold-plated ring and gold alloy brush, multi-contact, to ensure stable power signal transmission.

1. Inner Diameter from 3mm to 300mm optional;

2. Standard current: 0~20A,Standard voltage: 0~600VAC/VDC;

3. Circuits No.: 0~300 circuits optional;

4. Product grade table: Standard, Industrial, High quality for option;

through bore slip ring


The through-hole slip ring is also called the hollow shaft slip ring. The application of is mainly those places that need unlimited continuous rotation to transmit power or data from a fixed position to a rotating part.

Its principle is to connect the current, signal, and other data through the contact between the brush and the connection. The fixed position is transferred to the rotating part. The primary technical parameters of the through-hole slip ring mainly include outer diameter, inner diameter, length, number of rings, voltage, current, maximum speed, and so on.

In the technical parameters of the through-hole slip ring, the length is variable and can be customized arbitrarily. At the same time, the outer diameter and inner diameter have some standard sizes in the industry. For example, the inner diameter of the through-hole slip ring is mainly Φ12.7mm Series, Φ25.4mm series, Φ38.1mm series and so on, the range covers from Φ12.7mm to Φ300mm.

There is a proportional relationship between the outer diameter and the inner diameter. For example, half of the outer diameter of Φ12.7 is Φ56mm, through-hole slip ring Among them, the number of loops is an essential parameter, and it is also a specific decisive factor for the price of slip rings.

The number of coils in the via series ranges from 1 to 24. The cost of different loops varies greatly. Therefore, in the manufacturing process Among, the larger the number of rings, the more complicated the manufacturing process. For insulation, sometimes newer materials may need to be used. This is why slip rings with large numbers of rings and small volumes are costly.

The maximum rotation speed is the top rotation speed of the through-hole slip ring, and it takes minutes as the statistical unit. Under normal circumstances, it cannot work for a long time at the maximum rotation speed.

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