electrical slip ring

Electrical Slip Ring

The electrical slip ring is a precision power transmission device that realizes the image, data signal, and power transmission of two relative rotating mechanisms. It is especially suitable for applications where unlimited continuous rotation is required, and at the same time, power or data needs to be transmitted from a fixed position to a rotating position.

Slip rings are mostly used in high-end industrial electrical equipment or precision electronic equipment with multi-functional, high-performance, high-precision, multiple continuous rotation motion, such as aerospace equipment, radar communication equipment, medical equipment, and so on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is slip ring?

what is a slip ring

Slip rings can also be rotary unions, electrical rotary joints, slip rings, electric slip rings, electricity, etc. Its primary use to transmit power and signal when connecting and rotating without restriction. The stator and rotor parts respectively lead wires to connect the fixed structure’s power supply and terminal electrical appliances and the rotating system and then rotate with it.

The slip ring as a whole relies on the principle of elastic overlap. Material selection of rolling lap principle, etc., Form a stable and reliable rotating communication system. As long as the slip ring is attached to an infinitely rotating device, it can provide power to the rotating body. While making the rotating body turn infinitely, it can also perform other movements or detect the working conditions in the rotating state.

2. How does a slip ring work?

The slip ring transfers energy and data between the two components and is mainly composed of metal rings and corresponding brush wires. The working principle is to make the metal ring contact with the wire.

During this process, the brush part is stationary, the metal part rotates, and the brush’s wire and the conductive ring are in internal contact with the equipment on both sides of the slip ring. Therefore, one end of the wire and the stator of the slip ring are fixed, and the wire at one end and the rotor of the slip ring rotate together, which is equivalent to no winding.

3. What are slip rings used for?

The primary function of the slip ring is the transmission of electrical energy, signals, data, images, etc., between two relatively rotating devices. The signal transmits current or signal from the rotor end (stator end) to the stator end (rotor end). In short, the conductive slip ring can be imagined as a wire with one end rotating and one end fixed. 

Traditional wires have problems such as twisting and winding during the process of rotation. However, the continuous cycle of the conductive slip ring is unrestricted, and power or data needs to be transmitted from a fixed position to a rotating place simultaneously.

In addition to power transmission and current transmission, the corresponding unique slip rings have other particular uses, such as fiber optic slip rings, gas-electric-hydraulic slip rings.

Fiber optic slip rings are mainly used to transmit optical signals, and power steering and optical signals need to be transmitted simultaneously. They are commonly used in military and automated robotics, as well as in aerospace. 

4. How Long Do Slip Ring Last ?

Unlike us human beings, whose lifespan is dependent on time, slip rings are metal components that are virtually everlasting when only the time aspect is considered. This is if the slip rings design to protect them from moisture to avoid rust.

The main factor that defines the lifespan is the mechanical and electrical wear and tear that they go through. Again, this depends on the material of slip rings used and can vary from product to product.

Typically though, a standard slip ring lasts over a hundred million revolutions of a motor. Although it is hard to point out, they do last over a multitude of rotations in millions.

5. How much does slip ring cost ?

As with any product whose price is based on the type of materials and quality of design, even the price of slip rings depends on the materials they constitute. But with direct reference to how much they generally cost, based on the slip ring size and use, it could cost from a few dollars to even above two thousand dollars.

6. How To Choose A Slip Ring?

There are various designs of slip rings, and each one caters to a specific type of activity. 

While choosing a slip ring, the most common determinants are Rotations per minute, electrical circuit overlay, number of circuits, voltage limits, and many other factors. 

As we’ve previously stated three most common slip rings these rings fulfill the various determinants, and that being said, let’s take a quick look at them. 

  • Drum Slip rings 

These are flattened slip rings that are mounted at the base of the rotating shaft. They are slip rings that reduce the length of the typical slip ring needed to transmit electricity, also known as the axial length. 

This is highly used in space-conscious constructs or devices. So if you want a slip ring that is smaller than your average sized one for your motor, drum slip rings are the appropriate choice. 

  • Center hole slip ring 

Also known as through-hole slip rings, these are slip rings highly effective for installing cables that connect one end of the ring to the other. They are used for devices that need a complete rotation or a 360° rotation. 

This has a center hole through it, which allows the axle or any other cylindrical rotating body to do so seamlessly without affecting the circuit wires that branch out from the other side of the slip ring. 

  • Fiber optic slip rings 

These are predominantly used in optics applications such as high-speed transfer of information with rotating devices at the helm. They are also used in medicine, the army for radars, and HD transmission of media. 

7. What is the difference between split ring and slip ring?

There is a common misunderstanding and confusion between slip rings and split rings. It has an elementary difference. Split rings are also known as commutators and are widely used in motors to change the electric current flowing through the device constantly.

It facilitates a change in the direction of the wind at every 180-degree rotation. On the other hand, slip rings only act as electric transmitters between a stationary and rotating body.

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