Separate Slip Ring

A separate slip ring is a type of slip ring that comes in two parts. It is also called a split slip ring or a PCB design slip ring. It is used in a number of applications, as well as when you are converting alternating current into direct current in DC machines. Continue reading to learn all about the separate slip ring.

1. Number of Circuits: 3-12;

2. Current: 1 -3 A;

3. Voltage: 48V

4. Optional: Speed / circuit number / current / wire length;

Separate Slip Ring


A separate slip ring also called a split slip ring, has two parts: a rotor and a brush holder or stator. It offers flexibility for the mounting position inside of the machine, and it is frequently used when you have limited space. It basically transmits a signal from the stationary part to the rotating structure.

They operate with little resistance, so the transmission is smooth. They also have low maintenance requirements. They are used for a variety of applications, and they offer 360 degrees of continuous rotation, they have a long life span, they have a low level of torque, and they can handle higher bandwidth transfer. This makes the separate slip ring advantageous to use, especially in compact spaces.

Main Structure

The main structure of the separate slip ring is two separate parts. It has a rotor and a stator. The slip ring is an electromechanical device that is made up of a conductive ring, lead, a connector, and a brush. The way it works is that the contacts slide between the slip ring and the brush, and this starts the motion that makes transmission possible.

When you have a compact device that doesn’t have a lot of room, a separate slip ring is useful because it takes up less space. It is easy to install, and it has less resistance so that the transmission is smooth and requires little maintenance.


A separate split ring is used in many different applications. They operate under a rating of 16A per circuit, and the voltage they use is around 500V. They weigh less than three kilograms, and they handle temperatures from -45 to 125 degrees Celsius. They can be used in applications that have a harsh environment. They are used for the following applications:

Military instruments
Processing control equipment
CCTV pan
Rotary sensors
Medical equipment
Aviation equipment

Because they offer 360 degrees of continuous rotation, along with having a long life span, they are popular and commonly used in these applications.

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