RF Rotary Joints

RF rotary joints are electromechanical components that are used to transmit RF signals between the moving and stationary parts of a system. They are useful in items that have motion and need to maintain a connection without losing the quality of performance. Continue reading to learn about RF rotary joints and how they are used.

1.  Can be combined with power and signal transmission;

2.  Support 1 or 2 RF channels;

3. Option for separate transfer single or multi-channel high-frequency signals;

RF Rotary Union


An RF rotary joint is used when you need to transmit RF signals between the moving and stationary parts of a system. For example, if you have an item where one part is constantly moving and another is stationary, the RF rotary joint will allow them to remain connected and function as they should. They help to prevent the coaxial cable from twisting when one part of a system is rotating and the other is stationary.

The RF stands for radiofrequency because they transmit the radio frequency signals between the different parts of the system. They are designed to act as a passive and rotating line for transmission, and they can range from a single channel to as many as 73 channels. They minimize losses in these kinds of connections.

Main Structure

RF rotary joints are made with materials such as bronze, copper, aluminum, specialty steels, bimetallic alloys, and stainless steel. They come in different lengths, flange sizes, thicknesses, voltage, types, and styles. The individual specifications of each RF rotary joint determine how it performs, how durable it is, and its efficiency. People choose them based on the design of the system they need.

Most of the time, they have ceramic ball bearings that help to limit friction in the rotation. They are also resistant to water, so there is less corrosion. They minimize dust entry into the internal components and they have a good lifespan.


RF rotary joints are used in a number of applications where a system has a stationary part and a moving part. They are used in the following types of equipment:

Microwave design
Military applications

They are used for traffic control, vehicle mounting, and radar. They play an important role in many areas of communication, defense, and manufacturing.

They are also built according to international standards so that you get excellent performance, safety, and reliability. They come in all sizes, depending on the system that requires their use. Other equipment, including slip rings, motors, and more, can be fully integrated into their assembly.

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