Pin Slip Ring

Pin slip rings are used in various electromechanical devices in various industries, including surveillance, medical machines, science labs, and more. They are able to rotate 360 degrees and take in electricity throughout the process. Continue reading to learn about pin slip rings and how they are used.

1. Pins connector, convenient for installation;

2. Steel bearings and machined shaft and housing for the harsh environment;

3. Mercury-free, environmentally;

4. IP51, IP54, and IP68;

Pin slip ring


Pin slip rings are similar to other types of slip rings, but the contact brushes have been exchanged for pins. This is an environmentally friendly arrangement that is free of mercury. The benefit is that mercury can be dangerous and is hazardous if it leaks, so people prefer this safer alternative. They can be used in a number of different applications, from the plug and play to household appliances and industrial equipment that includes medical equipment and more.

Main Structure

The structure of a pin slip ring is fairly uncomplicated. There is a pin that replaces the contact brushes, and it is used for the contact. This works well in a product where there is a small transmission space. Their use has been advantageous in the production industry because they can improve automation and continuity. The pin slip rings are just like other slip rings, but they have pins. The pin allows for a precise connection, and they have an increased capacity to carry current.

In addition, they are made using precious metals, which reduce the wear and tear on the contacts and the conductive rings. It also improves the transmission and minimizes the pressure on the pin, which leads to a reduction in the vibration of the parts. Generally, using a pin slip ring is more efficient and improves the stability of the connections.


Pin slip rings are used in a number of applications. Their ability to rotate 360 degrees makes them widely used for electromechanical functions. For example, they are used in the following types of equipment:

Medical equipment
Surveillance equipment
Stage equipment
Radar equipment
Precision instruments
Data transmission instruments
Rotating production machines
Wind power generators

They are often used to create products that are more environmentally friendly and safe. They do not use mercury, so there is no risk of this hazard. In addition, the pins offer more precise and stable contact for a smooth flow of current, and they are cost-effective and have a long life. They are used in any electromechanical system that requires rotation while it transmits power or signals.

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