Pancake Slip Ring

The pancake slip ring is designed for rotary systems where limited vertical space. It mainly uses to transmit precise signals together with power, also could be combined with fluid media transmitting.

1. Low torque, friction, and low electrical noise;

2.  High reliability transmitting and rotating performance;

3. Min. 6mm thickness;

4. Mixing power and signal;

5. Fully customized solution, such as Operating speed, enclosure material, Wire end plug-in;

pancake slip rings


The Pancake slip ring is a suitable solution to furnish short shafts with any number of contacts. This slip rings the transmission of signals and electrical power. This is from a fixed point to a rotating device. They are also used in improving the mechanical performance of a system. These components are also known as flat slip rings, and disc slip rings.

 Structure of Pancake Slip Ring

Pancake slip rings are made up of two plates placed opposite each other. Contact rings are assembled in a circle on one of the plates and each is soldered to a cable. This is passed out on one side of the slip ring in a strand. 

The spring contacts are joined to the opposite plate. This is to ensure accurate transmission of signals and electrical power. These are done twofold or fourfold. The spring contacts are also soldered to connecting cables. Then they are led out of the slip ring housing. 

Hence, the incoming and outgoing cables are connected with the same color through a slip ring contact. This prevents mix-ups and enables easier installation. The two plates are connected rotatably and they permit spinning revolutions of 360° and more.

Pancake slip rings are protected against various influencing factors due to the design. And are permanently encapsulated against the entrance of dust and moist. This ensures the durability and reliability of the components.

Uses of Pancake Slip ring

Pancake slip rings are applied in various field, which ranges from medical to manufacturing. Hence, the difference in the application of such a slip ring is unparalleled. 

Pancake slip rings have a wide structure and are less suitable for high rotation speeds. Otherwise, the radial forces and vibrations increase so much. And the vibrations can damage the disc slip ring.

An area where pancake slip rings are commonly used is the actuation and control technology. The slip rings are installed on many switches and they prompt other slip ring contacts in various switching states.

 They are also applicable to slow-running servo motors, which should also rotate backward. Another common application of disc slip rings is in modern multifunction steering wheels. The disc slip rings are used in sending car radio key commands and the comfort displays to the relevant actuators.

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