Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

The fiber optic rotary joint allows for connectivity between moving and stationary parts. It transmits signals and data from one part to the other without any loss or failure. They are very similar to slip rings. They are available in single and multichannel forms, and they allow a light or optic signal to be transferred from a stationary surface to a rotating part.

Passive fiber optic rotary joints transfer the optical signal between the rotating and stationary parts with help from filters and lenses that can interpret the optical signal. Active fiber optic rotary joints actually process the signal to influence the motor and stator transmission.

fiber optic rotary joint


Fiber optic rotary joints are made in both single- and multi-channel types. The smallest are single and dual channels, and this is determined by how many fibers are in them.

There is one fiber for each channel. Once there are more than two, there are different solutions to combine different channels onto one or two fiber optic rotary joints. They also stack single-channel modules for systems that require more than two fibers.

They can be made in different ways to best suit the application they are needed for. They can be made either with pigtails or receptacles on both ends. When you use the pigtail version, it is able to eliminate uncertainty in connector joints. The receptacles are used in devices that won’t allow pigtails.


The fiber optic rotary joint allows an optical signal to be transmitted between stationary and rotating parts of a system. It is used in communication transmission, and a number of other applications, including the following:

Wind turbines
Radar pedestals
Armored vehicle turrets
Electro-optic sensors
Missile guidance systems
Robotic systems
Remotely operated vehicles
Oil drilling systems
And more

The fiber optic rotary joint is used in devices where you need an uninterrupted transmission of an optical signal while part of the system is rotating. Fiber optic transmission is used widely in these applications. It can transmit a lot of data and information with light or optic waves. The transmission is stable and there is no loss in long-distance transmission.

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