Capsule Slip Ring

The capsule slip ring is a multi-purpose module. Suitable for Signal and low current transmission. This slip ring features the military surface treatment process, super-hard gold plating treatment. This slip ring has a thorough bore for concentric shaft mounting or the passage of fluid or gas lines.

Capsule slip rings can protect the circuits from dust and humidity, metal and plastic enclosures are also in option. The applications include medical equipment and other industrial equipment.

mini capsule slip ring


As the name implies, the capsule slip ring is a slip ring that looks like a hat. The cap slip ring has a flange outside, mainly installed with the customer’s equipment through several fixing holes on the flange. Therefore, the cap slip ring is generally a structure with a fixed outer layer and a rotating inner shaft.

The compact capsule slip ring is a standard frameless product. Each rotary contact is made of pure gold, which is reliable in quality and has a long working life. The operating speed is as high as 300RPM, and different amperages and voltages can mix to meet the needs of varying application schemes flexibly.

The working temperature is broad, and it is suitable for various working environments such as industrial, civil, and military industries. The stator and rotor leads are color-coded to simplify electrical connections, small in size, well-designed, and strict quality management.

Capsule slip rings provide exceptionally smooth operation, minimal torque, and very low electrical noise. It is suitable for many compact design structures. It is widely used in industrial control fields such as closed-circuit monitoring spherical pan/tilt, robots, electrical testing equipment, exhibitions, displays, and medical equipment.

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